Things I have learned during all this time

My internship is about to start, and I would like to share some things I learned without even realizing some of them:

  •  Creating a package the hard way: I misunderstood how to package but that led me to learn new guix commands.
  •  git commands to create a patch, and also how to fix it every time I sent it and did not work.
  • Basic texinfo commands.
  • Asking for help when needed instead of doing almost everything on my own, as I am kind of used to.
  • Not being that ashamed of asking for help, and I have always received a kind answer when I did not know or forget something, or did something wrongly.
  • That you learn from your mistakes and breaking things, and it completely OK to do so.
  • Too many things about the FOSS world that I had no idea about.
  • That people are really supportive, even when they don’t have the obligation to do so.
  • That I have to stop trying to know it all, because I never will.
  • What libre kernel is.
  • That my suggestions have been taken into account 🙂
  • That in spite of don’t believing that I have a leadership personality, I was the one that went on with the idea of creating a worldwide nerdcore band among the interns – don’t know if that is going to happen, but it was funny 🙂
  • More and more shell commands.

Previous days before starting my internship

Next week I will be starting my internship!!!

I still have so much to do before starting.

I am really happy that I was invited to Guix Days and FOSDEM. I have never been to Europe before, and I want to thank all the people that are helping me with the trip.

As regards the project, there are lots of things that I want to do before next week: I want to go on playing with Guix commands, I have to go on reading very important documentation, I want to at least learn the basics of video editing  with the tools that people from the project suggested.

I like doing TODO’s lists 😉

I don’t know who said this kind of quote but it is said that when something excites you but scares you at the same time, it is the right thing that you should do




My experience applying to Outreachy

This is my first post, and even though it is not mandatory since the internship has not started yet, I would like to share my experience at least during the application process.

When I filled the Initial Application form, I was really afraid because of my last working experience, that left me with no self confidence, I believe that with negative self confidence, if that is possible. In fact, although I knew that I did not deserve it, I was kind of thinking about leaving the field at all. But I will try to focus on the bright side of everything.

It is true, it is good to get in touch with different projects. I did so. But due to my lack of self confidence, the fact that the community I joined is really kind and welcoming, and that the project has to do with my former working field, I chose to apply only contributing to it.
Nobody knew how difficult it has been to me each time I forgot a command – whichever that command was – or even not knowing one. Actually, I did not think that I was going to be chosen for Outreachy at all, it has been a surprise to me. As time went by, I was just planning to become a contributor to the project in my free time.
But while getting more involved in the project, I started gaining a little my self confidence again, and I noticed that things that I had suggested in the past were valuable for the project.

I am the kind of person that will never tell you that knows something, maybe because the more you know, the more you realize how much you still have to learn. And also, I need to believe that something is good for people to put all my effort on it.
I believe that Outreachy and Guix do so, so let the journey begin!